A year ago, we featured on this blog a new direct download link (DDL) forum for high definition video called HD-Dump. The launch of a new forum or a private torrent tracker of this sorts is not so surprising these days as new sites pop up almost on a daily basis. Therefore, some of you may have disregarded the post about HDD thinking it was yet another site that jumped in on the bandwagon. However, HD Dump has proved that it’s here to stay by passing the test of time – the site has now been online for a full year and its first birthday was celebrated last week. During this time HD Dump has done well both in terms of adding new members as well as expanding the amount of video content it indexes. The site now has a good mix of high definition content including 720p, 1080p movies, BRRip, MicroHD and untouched TrueHD movies, TV shows to documentaries, anime and even sports. It is also one of the more cleaner looking DDL forums out there with no advertisements, no duplicate threads and no password protected files.

HD Dump Logo

Quoted below is a mass E-mail sent to all existing members from the HDD administration:

HD-Dump turns 1 !!
Hi all. It's been a full year since we started HD-Dump, and we're very happy with how things have turned out.As high definition enthusiasts, we started HD-Dump as an answer to what we really felt other forums weren't giving.We wanted a clean and neat environment where HD enthusiasts can visit and easily find what they're looking for, and we hope that's what we've been able to provide you with.
So, a year has come and gone, and our community has grown very nicely over time. As of now, we have a tremendous member base of over a whopping 6,500 members and now getting well over 2,000 unique visits every day. We have almost 1,000 different 720p movies and well over 500 1080p.
We at HD-Dump would like to thank all of you for all your great support and feedback, which helps make HD-Dump what it is today. And if you haven't visited us for a while, you're always welcome to come back and say hello
The HD-Dump team.

The statistics mentioned above are indeed true. As of 21/2/2011, HDD indexes around 1000 720p movies, 500 1080p movies, ~100 mHD and BRRip releases, 150+ untouched TrueHD movies, 75+ HD documentaries among other releases (this is not counting the ~1000 uploads in adult section).

HD Dump Index

Some of you might remember that HDD launched with a self enforced rule set and a goal to become one of the more cleaner DDL forums out there. Some of these rules were:

  1. No passwords whatsoever allowed in any files.
  2. All files must be single extraction (no RARs inside RARs).
  3. Each movie has only 1 thread – duplicate threads for the same movie/TV series are not allowed.

It’s good to see these policies still in place even after a year – the site indeed looks cleaner and more organized than some of its competitors. As for download links, releases are usually uploaded to multiple file hosting services including (but not limited to) FileServe, FileSonic, BitShare, Netload, etc. Dead link removal and posting of new links is frequently done for most releases, extending their lifetime.

Registrations for HD-Dump are currently open – if you are interested, you may create an account without the need for an invite code. It’s a decent DDL forum for fans of HD video.

Site Name: HD-Dump (http://hd-dump.org)

Signup URL: http://hd-dump.org/register.php


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    HD-Dump has actually changed its URL to http://hd-dump.me

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