If you are a sports fanatic who frequently watch sporting events online, you probably have heard about Rojadirecta. It’s a huge repository of direct download and streaming links for live matches, recorded matches and highlights relating to a number of different sporting events across a number of different countries. This is probably the most popular DDL forum of its caliber and it currently holds a top 1000 Alexa ranking. Anyways, Rojadirecta fans who used to access the site using it’s old domain names http://www.rojadirecta.org and http://www.rojadirecta.com were in for a surprise earlier today. The site was the latest target in ‘Operation In Our Sites’ and its domain had been seized by U.S Department of Justice and Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit of U.S. Homeland Security. While the .org and com domains are indeed lost, this is not necessarily the end of Rojadirecta. The site can still be accessed using no less than 3 other domain names.


Following text which appears to be the site’s official response to the domain seizure, is quoted from Rojadirecta homepage:

UPDATED: US authorities have blocked access to Rojadirecta.org and now also Rojadirecta.com but we continue and we will continue our service on territorial domain names such as Rojadirecta.es (.me, .in, be...).
We are now on: www.rojadirecta.me www.rojadirecta.es www.rojadirecta.in and in many other domains that are not controlled by US authorities. Do not send e-mails to our dot com account, the new one ends on .in ¡SPREAD our new address!

ORIGINAL: US authorities have blocked access to Rojadirecta.org but we continue and we will continue our service on other domain names such as Rojadirecta.com (.me, .es, .in...). US authorities have blocked this way a domain trying to block the access to a web site which has been already judged by two different courts in Madrid and in our opinion completely despising the Spanish justice and sovereignty. A very long judicial process (more than 3 years) where have worked the Spanish police, the Spanish Attorney General's Office and the Spanish justice, ALL of them defending or deciding the legality of the site. By closing rojadirecta.org this way, the domain dot org number 70 more visited in the world, show to any country in the World the lack of control over the generic domain names (.com, .org, .net, etc.) which are controlled by American companies and which the US authorities are censoring from the last months as they want without a legal process with the chance to defense yourself. Obviously we are already seeking legal advice and we will do the same in the US at the beginning of the day.
We are now on: www.rojadirecta.com www.rojadirecta.me www.rojadirecta.es www.rojadirecta.in and in many other domains that are not controlled by US authorities.
SPREAD our new address!

In case the above domains cease to work as well, keep in mind that you can still access the site directly through its IP which is

For those of you hearing about Rojadirecta for the very first time (domain takedowns tend to give sites a lot of free publicity as well), it’s a great resource to have if you are a sports fan. The site indexes live sports streaming links, full match downloads, highlights and other sports related videos. This is a huge forum with over 850000 registered members and over 110000 threads. If you still have not signed up, registrations are currently open.

Site Name: Rojadirecta (

Registration URL: http://forum.rojadirecta.com/register.php

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  1. seed // 2/02/2011 04:49:00 AM  

    rojadirecta.com is down too.

  2. Unknown // 2/14/2011 01:10:00 AM  

    Roja directa.es is the best one, fuck cable and the US i will stream till the day i die. Muchas gracias por una buena servicia, espera que puedes gagnar sus court cases.

  3. Unknown // 12/15/2012 05:33:00 PM