From time to time, we post about interesting one click hosting services on this blog whenever we stumble across them (such as Senduit is another simple file hosting service that is great for lite use. The site sports an easy to use interface, fast upload download speeds and one click uploading. By one click uploading we mean that you don’t need to go through extra steps such as registration to get a file uploaded – all you need to do is to visit site homepage and hit the upload button. Note that there is a maximum file size limit of 100MB. Additionally, files do expire after a certain period of time but this is customizable.


Main reason why we said Senduit was good for ‘lite’ use was the file size limitation. Another drawback is that the service does not display an upload progress bar when a file is being uploaded. Like on most one click hosting services, files uploaded to senduit do expire after some time. However you can set the expiration period yourself. It can be set to anything from 30 minutes to 1 week. Also keep in mind that once you upload a file, there is no way to remove it. File will only be removed when it expires.

Senduit is a great service if you are dealing with files less than 100mb in size. Download speeds are often fast and downloads start without long wait times (a banner advertisement is usually shown in download page). Better yet, Senduit supports the use of Download manager software (tested with FDM – Free Download Manager). 

[Click Here] to visit Senduit homepage