Scene group BIE returns to harass Microsoft

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Anyone downloading pirated Windows releases should be familiar with the name BIE. BIE is a group in the warez scene who are responsible for cracking a number of different Microsoft Windows builds over the past couple of years. But in early 2009, BIE announced that they were quitting the scene – according to the NFO released at the time [read full NFO], it was done so that they could focus more on their families and real life.  However now, with the official release of Microsoft’s next operating system Windows 7 just a few days away, BIE has returned. In fact, the group has been releasing again since September 2009 after a silence of nearly 7 months.

Back when they quit, BIE’s Vista releases were huge hits among pirates. However some rumors attributed BIE’s ‘quittage’ with the new Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) developed by Microsoft. They claimed the group quit because they were unable to circumvent the new protection. However it seems BIE has proven these rumors false. Their return was marked with several cracked and leaked OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) builds of Windows 7 Ultimate. Not only could these images be used to illegitimately install Windows 7 on multiple PCs but pirates were seemingly able to activate Windows and even download online updates.

And now in October 2009, they’ve begun releasing Windows 7 ISO’s with integrated monthly updates – just like scene groups did for Windows Vista and XP (note that Windows 7 isn’t even officially out yet). BIE hasn’t been silent about their competition either – following is quoted from one of their NFO’s. It flames UP2DATE, a competing scene group who are also known for Windows releases:

a) First UP2FUCK-Release: Did u integrate anything at all?!
b) Second UP2FUCK-Release: Handled some, but not all... perhaps with ReReRePack?!
c) See proofs....
d) All UP2DATE WIN 7-October-Releases will not be activated, because this guys are too stupid, to put their crack in the right folder. Thats not a Vista dude.... ;D
e) We will not tag our releases proper for UP2DATE anymore. Since they tried it, there was just crap! Plz just purge them!
f) Now UP2DATE is UP2CRY........plz just leave....    

Either way, folks at the anti piracy department of Microsoft won’t be happy to see the return of such a formidable scene group – specially one that takes pride in cracking Microsoft releases. However it would be interesting to see MS’s response – will it be a new update to the WGA? Or will it be some uber anti piracy measure we’ve never seen before? The war between pirates and MS rages on. 

Note: Do not post or request BIE release here. This post is purely for informational purposes.


  1. Oskari666 // 10/15/2009 06:55:00 AM  

    They do sound like a bunch of fifteen year olds.

  2. zoomby // 10/15/2009 06:58:00 AM  

    Little ques FN.

    I have Beta build 7229 Installed.

    Is it possible 2 update it to latest release or i need to install OS from start.

  3. Unknown // 10/15/2009 02:09:00 PM  

    It is possible to update by inserting a build 7600 release CD and clicking upgrade after it loads. All your programs from build 7229 will work just fine, but will be moved to the folder windows.old.

  4. Unknown // 10/15/2009 04:36:00 PM  
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  5. TEAM FILEnetworks // 10/15/2009 05:42:00 PM  

    Please don't ask where to find the releases.

  6. selce // 10/16/2009 10:50:00 PM  

    Yeah BIE rule I use their releases for years, allways work perfectly without any WGA crap. Only idiot would buy Microsoft bullshit for 200 bucks, when same shit cost only few $ in Asian countrys.