Saga of scene group SVENNE continues. If you are unfamiliar with this story we suggest you read these two articles first: [1], [2]. A new SceneNotice has been pre’d and this one address the Swedish Anti Piracy agency (APB). It responds to APB’s glorification of SVENNE bust earlier and tells them the Swedish movie scene is not done with them just yet. And of course, p2p networks have been fondly mentioned yet again. This SceneNotice contains a lot of explicit language so if you are offended by such, please avoid reading this article (and now you’ll definitely read it :p). Anyways keep in mind that SceneNotices contain a lot of E-drama so read it, enjoy it and forget it.


Hello Scene.. My Name Is Henrik Ponten.
And im realy sorry for the loss of –Svenne last week... but hey look what i found in my mail?
earlyer I called the producer of Wallander and he told me he will send me a movie or two.. so when i checked my mail i found the Retail Edition of the new Wallander movie named Prästen... gues what... its fucking 2 weeks pre retail i am realy l33t.. so i tought ill tell all of you who tought the swedish movie scene was about to die that you are WRONG..
Enuff of the bullshit...

Note To mr Ponten and the entire fucking Antipiracy homos..
you can stope a revolutionary but you cant fucking stop a revolution... Ok you had some rat in SVENNE who snitched on his friends.. wow way the go.. ppl know who he is and he will be taken care of dont worry..
you had infiltrators before... congratulations...
what you idiots dont think about is all the money YOU idiots spend on this is ALOT more than the real movie producers LOOSE.. IF YOU LIKE IT BUY IT thats how it always been and always will be..
and for the few faggots that dont agree on that, they wouldnt bought the movie anyway.. so take your paychecks and send em to the movie makers and go die... since yhe releasing have ALWAYS existed even back in the 80s with the amiga and c64s...

The issue today isnt the release groups.. the issue is the p2p networks wich are public... not a closed network... any idiot (look at me) can get movies pre retail... and anyone can release anything anywhere... your focus should be on the so called "pirats" that is sharing everything with everyone not us...
how ever i could go on for hours and writing a book regarding this issue but im not.. i just want to send a Great Salut to all the fallen members of the group named -SVENNE and –REDCROSS and ALL OTHER groups, sites, etc who been a part of the APB with family, witch hunt thats been goin on for some time now...
You are Gone But Not Forgoten...

It’s interesting how the scene somehow manages to bash P2P even in totally unrelated incidents. Anyways even this very SceneNotice has been available for download on several public BitTorrent trackers since yesterday. Ironic, eh?

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  1. TEAM FILEnetworks // 10/11/2009 09:17:00 AM  

    Just saw Sez had posted the same on previous thread. Thanks.

  2. Andy // 10/11/2009 03:24:00 PM  

    It’s interesting how the scene somehow manages to bash P2P even in totally unrelated incidents.

    Unrelated? Are you serious or do you love p2p so much that you can't see obvious things?
    If not p2p/Usenet Scene would be completely safe, because it was originally created only for a few trusted ppl. p2p made Scene public and it really brings too much attention to release groups, that gives us most of things we download.
    Now imagine Scene w/o p2p. Releases are kept on topsites and only members of groups can access them. "Like it = buy it" rule is still active and it's rarely broke inside The Scene. Would there be a point in chasing sceners if they ony release AND buy things, huh?

    Open your eyes.

    P.S. I do use p2p.

  3. Anonymous // 10/11/2009 04:47:00 PM  

    This is posted under the presumption that you're the kab00m from efnet about 10-12 years ago...

    The scene pre-dates p2p. We had large scale site and group busts before 1999-2000 when p2p was basically born. Doesn't that make it kinda a logical fallacy to say that the scene would be secure if not for p2p making it visible?

    Also while top groups certainly didn't distribute releases outside of the normal closed chain, there were always low-level groups willing to dump on public ftp or setup dcc leech channels.

  4. zoomby // 10/11/2009 06:40:00 PM  


    Pawn Ekta Kapoor Daily Soap. :P

  5. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 10/11/2009 07:24:00 PM  

    "Now imagine Scene w/o p2p. Releases are kept on topsites and only members of groups can access them."

    I think Dev Null has already answered your question. To add something to that, scene releases have always been distributed in mass scale by street vendors and so on, years before p2p originated. This is still happening mostly in developing countries. So is it fair to instantly blame p2p while there are plenty of other ways for scene rel to leak?

    Anyways they have been calls from within the scene to tie up with p2p:



    And of course, the flaming response:

  6. VHS // 10/11/2009 11:26:00 PM  

    don´t know how "buy if you like it" is working if scene members or subsidiaries are selling the stuff at markets, schoolyards, private ftp´s and so on, OR if they keep it for themselves and normal people without p2p would need to buy all that crappy shit industry IS sometimes releasing?!

    is it not just the "screw those simple idiots, WE are the chosen ones" heartwarming ideology?
    to belong somewhere and pretend something, however uninteresting and in life-terms unrevealing it might be?

    this whole false, pretentious behaviour of scene-members somehow being an "elite" is crap in my eyes. i´ve seen nice guys in there as well as stubborn idiots. IF somebody does something good, whether inside or outside the scene, i.e. sharing to people for free (for example to REALLY keep the "buy it if you like it" policy alive) then this person deserves gratitude and respect.
    otherwise pee off and stop talking writing ku-klux shit... ;)

  7. Fes // 10/12/2009 09:40:00 AM  

    I have to agree even though I'm a normal torrenter. P2P is the cause of scene problems. Fucking uploaders won't stop leaking scene releases.

  8. S0B4L4 // 10/13/2009 04:23:00 AM  

    ironic my balls...
    everybody knows that most of the uploaders are/were member of a scene group or just by some slot on any topsite or dump
    the problem is just that. the leak. now days, the scene is about the money and nothing else
    the scene now days is not what it was
    its a really shame

  9. Anonymous // 10/24/2009 11:10:00 PM  

    Thanks for posting this great info, FNB! Long live p2p.