When it comes to automatic subtitle downloaders, SubDownloader is probably the most widely used. However the Windows version of SubDownloader now comes only as a 30 day shareware which is a big turn off. You could of course crack it but why bother when there are other free alternatives around? Sublight is one such software that is also capable of automatically downloading subtitles for movies and TV shows you watch. The app uses several popular subtitle sites to search and retrieve content. You can either integrate Sublight with a media player of your choice or you can use it as a standalone subtitle downloader utility.

Sublight Screenshot

Sublight’s behavior is very similar to that of Subdownloader – select the video file you want subtitles downloaded for and the app will automatically search the databases for it and offer download links to a list of matching subs. It also allows you to manually search the DBs using your own search criteria. Speaking of databases, Sublight supports following subtitle repositories:

  • divx-titlovi
  • divxfinland
  • subdivx
  • podnapsi
  • allsubs

There are some other fancy features such as ‘play video with subtitle’, view latest uploaded subtitles, subtitle publishing, IMDB links, NOF file links, etc. More info may be found in their Wiki located here. Note that you can set the subtitle language during setup.


[Click Here] to download latest version of Sublight from official download page (Direct Download – link auto updated with latest build)


  1. Unknown // 10/01/2009 07:29:00 AM  

    Maybe a link to download page is better than the exe.

  2. Kyle // 10/01/2009 10:12:00 AM  

    What about the best for Macs?

  3. Anonymous // 10/01/2009 12:52:00 PM  

    Thanks for it, a very nice tool !

    I also use "Imdb Pirated version" a greasemonkey script which shows directly on each movie page the result of subtitles in a chosen language, public torrent links, DDL results.

    Maybe you could do an article of it ?

    too but seems outdated