Borderlands has been released and here’s our routine troubleshooting article. There isn’t much to say here as the game doesn’t have any showstopper bugs. It does not seem to be crashing for most users and that’s a good thing, because this seems to be an incredible fun FPS/RPG. Anyways this article contains some information that might help you tweak your game to bypass some minor annoyances such as not being able to enabled Vsync, AA and those annoying Field of Vision (FOV) issues. If you have any other issues/solutions that you think is worth sharing, please feel free to post in comments.

How to edit configuration settings manually

Configuration settings for Borderlands is stored in WillowEngine.ini file. You can change settings that are not accessible from in game menu by editing this file. Before you edit anything, please make sure to backup your original config file in case something goes wrong.

Configuration settings are stored in:

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Borderlands\WillowGame\Config\WillowEngine.ini

(Under Windows XP this will be in My Documents). Edit this file with a text editor such as notepad.

How to enable VSync in Bordelands

Open the game configuration file in a text editor (as stated above). Change the following setting (UseVsync=False) so that it reads:


Save and restart the game.

How to enable Anti Aliasing (AA) in Borderlands

Note that the following solution was only tested on NVIDIA hardware. I don’t have an ATI VGA to play around or to do testing. Like most games, Borderlands is built on Unreal Engine v3.0. You can force AA from NVIDIA control panel by re-naming the game exe to another UE3 game such as BioShock.

  1. Rename borderlands exe file to BioShock.exe.
  2. Open NVIDIA control panel. Go to ‘Manage 3D settings’
  3. Un-Tick ‘Show only programs found on this computer’
  4. From the drop down menu, select BioShock.
  5. You will now be able to force various graphics settings from the VGA, including Anti Aliasing.

How to adjust FOV (Field of Vision) in Borderlands

I’ve seen many players complain about the FOV in this game. It indeed seems to give a tunnel like feeling. You can however edit the default FOV of 85 and adjust it to your preference by editing the configuration file. Note that you need to make the change in two places in the file:

Under [Engine.PlayerInput], Change the values so that it reads:

Bindings=(Name="F9",Command="FOV 85",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

Bindings=(Name="F10",Command="FOV NEWVAL",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

Under [WilloGame.WillowPlayerInput] change:

Bindings=(Name="F9",Command="FOV 85",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

Bindings=(Name="F10",Command="FOV NEWVAL",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

Where NEWVAL is a numerical value representing the new FOV. Note that there is a space after “FOV” in the lines above – the. Ex- It should be "FOV[SPACE]85". You can switch between default and custom FOV in game using function keys. Pressing F9 will restore defaults while F10 will load custom values specified by you.


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  1. Nick // 10/27/2009 01:12:00 PM  

    Cool, thanks! Great place to start. Look how far they got doing this to Crysis...

  2. Unknown // 10/27/2009 01:52:00 PM  

    Helpful article, thanks!!

    Looking forward for the AA solution for ATi users, such as myself.

  3. etruscan // 10/30/2009 12:27:00 AM  

    Hi ! Just wanted to mention that

    Under [WilloGame.WillowPlayerInput] change:

    should read:

    Under [WillowGame.WillowPlayerInput] change:

    ( missed the 'w' in [WillowGame... )

    Also, the name of the actual .ini file the FOV is changed in is WillowInput.ini

    Cheers !

  4. Cotycrg // 1/02/2011 04:34:00 AM  

    Just dropping in to say that if you are using Steam, look under (program files)/steam/steamapps/common/borderlands/engine/config/BaseEngine.ini

  5. loganpk323 // 9/02/2011 01:38:00 AM  

    hey you dont have to rename borderlands to bioshock nvidia control panel has borderlands listed and you ccan force Vsync on here instead of doin the other thing

  6. Unknown // 4/09/2015 12:13:00 PM  

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