About two weeks ago we posted about Sublight, a desktop software to automatically download matching subtitles for downloaded movies and TV shows. Developers of Sublight have come up with a new project, this time a web application developed using Microsoft Silverlight. The web based version of Sublight acts very much like it’s desktop counterpart (but with some limitations) – it’s primarily a subtitle search tool/downloader that is fully online. So what makes it different from hundreds of similar services already available?

Silverlight web

Unlike most Subtitle search engines and repositories out there, web based version of Sublight does not make users go through several pages to download a subtitle. Searching, selecting and downloading can all be done via a single interface, without interruptions. Languages can be filtered and options are available to optimize search with information such as year, season number and episode number (for TV shows), etc. All in all it’s a good alternative to those who dislike installing additional apps to fulfill simple tasks such as subtitle search.

Note that you’ll need the Microsoft Silverlight browser plugin for this to work. Also keep in mind that this is a very early version of web based Sublight – bugs may exist.

[Click Here] to visit Silverlight powered Sublight

[Click Here] to download desktop version