Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Sith Edition has finally arrived for the PC, almost a year later than its console release. I’ve had the liberty to play this game and honestly, it looked like one of the shittiest ports of 2009. First of all this game is a massive install which will take up somewhere around 25GB hard disk space - 7GB for HD movies and 18GB for game data. But that’s not the real issue – game looks almost the same as its console counterparts even after a year, loads slowly, has a FPS lock at 30 frames (which i have tried to remove but haven’t succeeded), does not perform too well on mid range hardware, etc, etc. Anyways back to the topic – naturally the game was leaked about a week before release but this time, pirates were in for a surprise.

Pirated copies of Force Unleashed were readily available from BitTorrent trackers and one click hosting sites since 30th of October which was more than a week before the game’s official release date. The game’s SecuROM DRM system was once again ripped apart by group RELOADED, allowing thousands of folks to download and play illegitimate copies of the game at will. However those who did so found out that they couldn’t progress beyond the second level of the game. It crashed on level 2 whenever you tried to move a ladder using force, off the wall. This however did not seem to be a bug in the original game but a showstopper exclusive to cracked copies of Force Unleashed. RELOADED later admitted that this was indeed the case and released a fix for it but that wasn’t before many frustrated pirates went on rampages in online forums :p The game has a lot of problems but if you are having this particular crash at level 2, game developers probably have nothing to do with it.


  1. Brainless Bob // 11/01/2009 02:28:00 AM  

    Can't save the game. It says "Load Failed. This save game appears to be damaged and cannot be used".

  2. Unknown // 11/05/2009 08:12:00 PM  

    Got the same problem. Is it a security issue, like the first cracked executable or a hardware issue i.e problems with certain video or motherboards

  3. Daniel93 // 12/25/2009 03:18:00 PM  

    hello i have in fact passed this very "off the wall" crash point. I did some googling, and you are meant to jump into the pit before using the force on any of the platforms. This gives you a bit more enjoyment, allowing you to crush an atst in the next chapter :p, but the game later crashes once more when you try to ascend the wing assembly. I have not got past this yet, but i assume it is a graphics card problem because mine isnt supported anyway. still, i hope i have helped so far for those with better graphics cards :)

  4. mattcat83 // 4/15/2010 02:17:00 AM  

    does anybody have a link to this hotfix from team Reloaded?

  5. Unknown // 11/30/2010 02:55:00 PM  

    Does any one have any information on the Star wars the force unleashed crash? It was in the first campaign after the room with laser walls.There you have to grip some objects and use as a jump pad. But as soon as I grip it the game crashes.I experienced another crash in the second campaign where there were automatic laser machines that killed a polar bear. we are supposed to pull out the object that gave energy to the laser gates. But as soon as I do that the game crashes.

  6. Unknown // 3/27/2011 08:47:00 AM  

    For the reloaded fix, just open google and type FORCE UNLEASHED RELOADED FIX and you'll find it...that's what l did

  7. Unknown // 7/04/2012 12:51:00 PM  

    Game still not loaded in my system is it a security issue or else.
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