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Several days ago we featured SceneX, a specialized HD torrent tracker that had all HD content on permanent free leech. When the article about sX was posted, signup was only possible through IRC recruitment. If you were too lazy to go through the interview, here is some good news. SceneX will be open for registration in the next few hours - interested members should be able to sign up instantly. Of course, the home page is still not updated with this news (it still says ‘this site is closed’), however the signup page is live and works just fine.

It seems a couple hundred folks joined since our last mention of this tracker and the registered user count now hovers around 2400. Number of indexed torrents has also increased and sX now tracks around 540 active torrents. If you need more information about this site including additional details on it’s ratio-free features on HD torrents, etc, please refer to our previous article – it’s only 2 days old :p

Site Name: SceneX (

Signup URL:

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  1. Dan // 10/02/2009 06:34:00 AM  

    Thanks for the info, the site has a really nice layout =)

  2. DP // 10/02/2009 06:41:00 AM  

    best homepage I have seen. really nice. over time hope they get more uploads