We have quite a few number of gaming fans among our readers. If you are  video gamer, here’s something that might interest you. GamerZines is a relatively new online service that offers free digital gaming magazine downloads. Yep, you can download the entire mag into your computer in PDF format and read it at leisure and you don’t even need to register to do that. Don’t worry – these are not sh1tty magazines full of spammy ads and useless info. From what I’ve seen so far, they are professionally designed and contain original content.


There are several different magazines offered at GamerZines - separate editions for gaming platforms such as the PC, PS3, XBOX360, PSP and so on. You can either subscribe to these issues for free or download individual issues just by visiting their web site. Magazines seem to be supported by advertisements – there are several full page ads but the editors have made sure to publish them without causing annoyances to the reader. Hope this wouldn’t change when GZ gets more popularity.

Like I said before Magazines have a professional layout and they do contain original content. For example it’s on PCGZine Issue #34 that I found the first English PC review of Piranha Byte’s Risen. Each issue consists of usual gamer mag stuff such as reviews, previews, hands-on, news, etc. It’s pretty interesting – check it out.

[Click Here] to visit GamerZines homepage

By the way, if you are a gaming magazines fan, you should check out Retrogames – it’s a unique forum that offers downloads of scanned versions of old game mags.


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    loved it, thank you!