Not everyone who downloads movies and TV shows from the internet  play them on the PC itself. Some people watch downloaded movies on standalone DVD players while some others stream them to XBOX 360, etc. However if the AVI file is badly encoded (which is true for some scene/p2p releases), it becomes almost impossible to play them on external media. This is where DivFix++ comes in – it’s a great utility that can repair broken AVI streams. That’s not all, DivFix++ can be used to preview movies which has no index part. In other words, you’ll be able to preview files that are still being downloaded via BitTorrent and other P2P distribution mediums, before the download is completed.

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I first read about this application on popular TV torrent tracker TVT.COM crew had this to say about the utility:

Problems with Scene groups XII and BWB encodes - we have a fix!

As many of you may already know, XII and BWB are really sucky release groups. Their rips almost *always* have issues with vids headers. This causes them to not play properly on DVD standalone players (DivX enabled of course), many computer media players, nor will they stream properly to XBox360 (play the first ~2 min of video, then screen goes dark and audio only for the rest).
There are many ways of fixing this, but the easiest I've found is DivFix++, and a new utility written by our very own rlatting.

DivFix++ is indeed a great application. It’s free, lightweight (setup is only ~900kb) and does what it claims to do pretty well. However keep in mind that the tool with work with normal AVI encodes only – 720p/1080p mkv encodes are not supported.


[Click Here] to visit DivFix++ official download page. Installers available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS-X.


  1. Allam // 10/14/2009 02:44:00 AM  

    Thanks, thats so useful, and ive been wondering why some ,AVI dont work on the dvd while others work

  2. Sara // 10/14/2009 12:16:00 PM  

    Thanks for the info

  3. Kent // 10/14/2009 11:49:00 PM  

    Excellent - I've been looking for a Mac tool to do this!

  4. Anonymous // 10/16/2009 04:54:00 AM  

    DivFix++ author here!
    Article writer says:
    "work with normal AVI encodes only – 720p/1080p mkv encodes are not supported."

    Yes, but In the known universe, there is no application that fix Matroska/MKV files :)

    I feel that absence and coded Meteorite. Makes same thing but for MKV. Its not ready yet. All I can say, It will be in this year. Might be already released while you reading this.

  5. James Madison // 10/16/2009 06:18:00 PM  

    I like your post about "Repair AVI files with DivFix++ to play on DVD players, stream to XBOX 360 and more" Do u also ahve post about computer repair ?