Create custom T-shirts to advertise your business, or design T-shirts for family reunions, birthdays, office parties, sports clubs, and more! Choose from 100 pre-designed templates, or create your own! Customize your design with clip art from the 5,000 image collection included. Select from twenty True Type fonts to express yourself.

Just print your design on T-Shirt Transfer Paper (available at most hobby shops and office supply stores), and then iron it onto a T-Shirt and you’ve got a custom shirt just like that!

The T-Shirt Design Kit includes the following tools: Design Studio: Illustration and drawing tool for creating your own T-Shirt designs. Browser+: A graphics browser for organizing and viewing the 5,000 images that come with T-Shirt Design Kit.



  • Choose from 100 pre-designed templates
  • Or Create your own
  • Customize your design with clip art from the 5,000 images on CD
  • Select from 20 TrueType fonts
  • Menu bar: Contains all available commands, such as Open, Close, and Help. It also enables you to change Line and Fill options on the selected tool in the Tool Palette.
  • Tool Palette: Tools enable you to Select objects, Type Text, Draw Shapes, Draw Lines, Transform, and Magnify images.
  • Toolbar: Contains the most commonly used commands, such as Undo, Preview, Copy, and Paste.
  • Color Palette: Enables you to select many different colors with which to work.
  • Once you have created the image, simply click File and then Print to print the image on your T-Shirt Transfer Paper

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