FireFox 3 download day statistics

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 6/19/2008 | 0 Comments »

As we said earlier, Mozilla was hoping to grab the Guinness world record for most number of software downloads in a day, through the release of Firefox 3. The download day came to an end just a few hours earlier, and the statistics are mind blowing.

  • Total number of FireFox 3 downloads (at the end of download day): 8.3 million
  • Total amount of data downloaded from Mozilla servers (at the end of download day): 83 Terabytes (TB)
  • Number of downloads per second (in download day): 283
  • Total number of FireFox 3 downloads (at time of post): 9276235 (roughly 9.2 million)
  • Number of downloads per minute (at time of post): 2677


8.3 million downloads in a single day! Mozilla initially hoped for 5 million downloads to set the world record. It looks as if they accomplished their goals with ease.

You can view the real time download counter from this link.

P.S.- Type about:robots in your address bar (or is it the smart location bar? ) and press enter for a FF3 Easter egg.