Yeah that's right another niche torrent tracker is now open for signup. Ntorrents is a great tracker dedicated to Nintendo stuff. ROMS, Emulators, Images, ISOs, etc for most Nintendo console gaming platforms are available here.IF you are a fan, the site is a must have.

From the front page:

"You see Peach's castle in front of you, behind you hear the echo of a Gorons laughter. Donkey Kong zooms by in a small cart dropping a banana in your path. You walk toward the castle and see Samus roll through a hole. Bowser's intergalactic space ship sits on the horizon. You have entered heaven, you have entered..."

"The celebration continues. In order to help our site grow to its full potential registration has been opened for an undisclosed period of time. Spread the word and tell all of your friends. Post it on news boards We don't really care. Just remember that good users help you bad users hurt you."


Site Name: Ntorrents

Signup URL:


  • Wii
  • GameCube
  • Nintendo DS
  • GameBoy Advance
  • GameBoy Classic
  • NES
  • Super Nintendo
  • Nintendo 64
  • Books
  • Official Soundtracks
  • Movies
  • Virtual Console


  • Maximum Users: 15,000
  • Registered Users: 11,459
  • Torrents: 1,108