Popular Hungarian torrent tracker PREtorians now has open signups for an indefinite period. Although the tracker is Hungarian, majority of the content is English; scene releases etc. Do not be put off by the Hungarian language in the interface (See translation below if you have trouble).This is a well sought after tracker with over 10000 torrents indexed and nearly 25000 users.


Site Name: PREtorians

Signup URL: http://pretorians.net/signup.php


  • Film/DVD-R/Eng
  • Film/DVD-R/Hun
  • Film/DVD9/Hun
  • Film/HD/Eng
  • Film/HD/Hun
  • Film/XViD/Eng
  • Film/XViD/Hun
  • Játék/DOX
  • Játék/PCiso
  • Játék/PS2
  • Játék/Wii
  • Játék/XBOX (XBOX360)
  • Lossless
  • Mp3/Eng
  • Mp3/Hun
  • Music-Video
  • Program/iSO
  • Program/RiP
  • Sorozat/Eng
  • Sorozat/Hun
  • XXX

*Játék = Games, Sorozat = TV Shows, Hun tag means HUngarian language while Eng tag means English language.

A brief translation of signup page:

  • Kivánt felhasználónév: - Username
  • Jelszó: - Password
  • Jelszó megerÅ‘sítése: - Retype Password
  • Email cím (az oldalon email cím változtatásra nincsen lehetöség):Nemed - Email
  • Last three checkboxes stand for 'Read FAQ?', 'Read Rules?', and 'Above 13 years of age?'.

And in the interface, Letoltes means browse.



  1. The Lanka Reporter // 6/06/2008 10:52:00 AM  

    Can you please tell me how to use tracker to download from mininova ?

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 6/06/2008 12:02:00 PM  

    Mininova does not operate a tracker. It is merely a torrent search engine. Torrents indexed by Mininova are tracked by other public trackers such as the pirate bay.

    To download a torrent from mininova, you will need a bittorrent client such as utorrent. Open the .torrent file (obtained from Mininova or any other torrent site) with utorrent and the download should begin.