TorrentBytes is one of the best private trackers out there. It's well known for its exclusive packs and free leech periods.  This tracker does not have an invite system so the only opportunity users will get to sign up is when the tracker opens its signups (which are normally closed). TB has raised it's user limit from 60000 to 62500 and 70 more spots are available for the taking. If you hurry, you may be able to get in (read signup notes below).


Site Name: TorrentBytes

Signup URL:

Description: General 0Day, Excellent movie/tv/app packs

Signup Notes:

  • Captcha is insanely hard to recognize and is case sensitive.
  • Read the FAQ and Rules (open them and scroll) during the registration process (before the countdown reaches 0 and you hit 'signup').
  • Use Upper case + Lower case characters and and a minimum 10 characters in your Password (or signup will fail).
  • If you mess any of the above up, you will have to keep trying again till you get the registration form.