Software in this pack will allow you to unlock various kinds of locks (country locks, region locks etc) present in a range of mobile phones and devices from renowned manufactures such as Nokia, Motarola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Usually we test the software prior to posting here at FILEnetworks Blog but this is an exception. Please note that we haven't tested any of the software posted below so proceed at your own risk.


Motorola Unlockers:

  • Motorola T191 Super Unlocker
  • Motorola T19x Reset
  • Motorola t205 service tool
  • Motorola T66 Unlocking
  • Super T191 Unlocker

Nokia Unlockers:

  • 9210 Flasher
  • dct3flash-rolis475
  • DCT4 Flasher Griffin
  • dct4 Unlocking
  • LogoManager_phone_images
  • New Nokia Tool Rolis 1.9
  • Nokia 3210 All.Versions Unlocker v1.0
  • Nokia 7110 Unlocker
  • Nokia dct4 by Dejan
  • Nokia dct4 security code
  • Nokia dct4 unlocker 1.0 by aquatixgsm
  • Nokia New EepromTools

Samsung Unlockers:

  • Samsung IMEI Changer
  • Samsung Unlocker
  • samsung_toolbox_35_cracked
  • samsung_unlocker_35

Sony Ericsson Unlockers:

  • All Ericsson Total Tool Jethro
  • Sony C5 Phone Reset and Unlock 1.0
  • Sony C5 Unlocker 8.5
  • Sony CD 5 v. 1.0.1
  • Sony CD Flasher 8.5
  • Sony CMD C5 Unlocker v8.5
  • Sony J7 and J70 Flash Loader 2.1
  • Siemens Unlocker:
  • C25 Zulea Unlocker

Siemens Unlocker:

  • C25 Zulea Unlocker

Once again, we neither develop, test nor host these tools. Proceed at your own risk.


Download from H33T tracker (Full credit to original uploader).


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