Spore Creature Creator

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 6/28/2008 | | 2 Comments »

Just when you thought the scene was getting owned by the new SecuROM 7 protection, ViTALiTY have come up with this release. The game's protection has been ripped apart and removed, allowing full access to game content including all the body parts.


How do you feel about tentacles? Why only two eyes? Create your own unique creatures and watch them come to life then share them with the world. Build using 228 drag-and-drop, flexible parts - is it fashion, function, or fashunction? PAINT with unique patterns, make your creature stand out in a crowd. PLAY with your creature as it comes to life with dances poses, and emotions. SHARE using built-in snapshot and video tools - make your creature a star.

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