We present you yet another private torrent tracker which is currently open for signup. Diwana.org is a tracker which tracks a lot of content originating from Australia and New Zealand; TV shows, Movies, sports Etc (See categories below for more info).


Site Name: Diwana.org

Signup URL: http://diwana.org/signup.php

Description: Australia based tracker which tracks a lot of Australian TV shows, movies and other torrents. Even tracks highlights of cricket matches which Australia takes part of.


  • Australian TV
    AU-AUTOGEN, AU-Comedy, AU-Crime, AU-Documentaries, AU-Drama/Soap, AU-Game/Quiz Shows, AU-Kids Shows, AU-Lifestyle, AU-News/Current Affair, AU-Other, AU-Real Crime, AU-Reality TV, AU-Science/Medical, AU-Talkshows, AU-Telemovies
  • New Zealand TV
    NZ-AUTOGEN, NZ-Comedy, NZ-Crime, NZ-Documentaries, NZ-Drama/Soap, NZ-Game/Quiz Shows, NZ-Kids Shows, NZ-Lifestyle, NZ-News/Current Affair, NZ-Real Crime, NZ-Reality TV, NZ-Science/Medical, NZ-Talkshows, NZ-Telemovies, NZTV - Other
  • SATV - All
  • Sport All
    SP-Boxing, SP-Cricket, SP-Motor Sports, SP-Netball, SP-Other, SP-Rugby League, SP-Rugby Union, SP-Soccer, SP-Swimming
  • TV-Other


  1. Manura Nanayakkara // 6/09/2008 11:14:00 PM  

    it would be a great help if you can give us a list of Best Private torrent trackers irrespective of signup status.

    Is there any good private torrent trackers specialized in windows mobile pocket pc, or smartphone softwares and medical books.

    thanks in advance,
    I really appreciate your service

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 6/10/2008 12:00:00 AM  

    We'll post a list but this may take a while. Till then i will post the trackers i use here.

    General 0day/Xvid - SceneAccess (SCC), RevolutionTT (RevoTT)

    TV Shows - Tvtorrents.com, tv.torrents.ro

    Documents - bitme.org, ebookvortex

    Games- Blackcats

    Rare movies - Goem, Tehconnection

    As for smartphone software, i do not use a particular tracker but use www.mobilecastle.biz (the forum). They have a nice collection of cracked smartphone and mobile phone apps.

    As for medical docs, try bitme.org, ebookvortext, textbooktorrents or docs.torrents.ro

  3. Manura Nanayakkara // 6/10/2008 11:41:00 AM  

    Lightning Struck Tower
    Thank you very much.