Pioneer DJS 1.003

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Pioneer DJS software was designed for professional and amateur DJs to enable full-scale DJ play on a PC. The software offers the same playability and functionality as the company's Pro DJ products, using a PC instead of two CDJ turntables and a DJ mixer. The DJS software combines the key elements of Pioneer's professional digital CD decks and mixers with a host of innovative features.



  • Auto mixing
  • Waveform display for indicating playing position and cue/loop points
  • BPM synchronization and beat synchronization
  • Eight effects including Delay, Echo, Auto Pan, Trans, Filter, Flanger, Reverb and Pitch Shifter
  • Fader start function for controlling the playback of two players (channel, fader and cross fader)
  • Create function for setting four points for cues or loops in a song
  • Also included is a ripping function for converting CD, line input signals and wave files to MP3.

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