Here is another tracker for Wrestling fans. Pro Wrestling Torrents (PWT) is a tracker dedicated for tracking content related to wrestling events across the globe. The tracker is currently open for signup and is accepting new members.

There is a note on the site about the open signups:

"With the free upload week-end nearing us what better time to have an influx of new blood on the tracker?
We have decided to raise the current user limit to 16000 to give 1000 new members a chance to enjoy some PWT goodness and with the above mentioned free upload week-end looming they have a chance to submit their own content helping their ratio start with the right foot and giving all our users even more choice.
If you have some friends looking to get in alert them quick as 1000 spots will be filled very soon.
If you don't, you still have the chance to come to our forums to meet our new users and welcome them to our beloved tracker"


Site Name: Pro Wrestling Torrents

Signup URL:


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