How about a sports torrent tracker with open signups? Sport Torrent is a specialized private tracker which indexes content related to a number of different sports such as Rugby, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Boxing, Motorsports and more. The site covers almost all major tournaments and events including the Cricket world cup, 6 nations rugby, Champions league, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB alongside many other premier series around the world. You can find and download full match videos, highlights packages, TV documentaries as well as other sports related resources on Sport Torrent. Although this tracker does not seem to be a hot topic on BitTorrent forums and blogs, it’s a very decent sports tracker with lots of members, torrents and activity. If you are interested in signing up, registrations are currently open.

Sport Torrent

Despite the lack of a celebrity status on BitTorrent forums, Sport Torrent is one of the largest dedicated sports trackers currently online. It has close to 18000 registered members and indexes over 3500 active torrents. Don’t expect this tracker to have the download speeds of SCC but vast majority of the torrents here are well seeded and have adequate speeds.

Being a niche tracker, Sport Torrent tracks a lot of unique content. This is thanks to the sites’ many internal encoders, uploaders and cappers who capture/record and upload events aired on cable, satellite, terrestrial television and other sources. As said earlier ST covers almost all major sporting events and features daily highlights packages, full matches, etc from ongoing events such as 6 nations Rugby and Cricket world cup 2011. You can get a better idea about the sort of content tracked on Sport Torrent by looking at the screenshot below:

3-24-2011 8-00-49 AM

Although most of the specialized sport torrent trackers are usually invite only communities, Sport Torrent is an exception. The site has regular open signups and is accepting new members as we speak. If you are a fan of sport, go ahead and check it out.

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  1. Unknown // 4/27/2011 07:46:00 AM  

    Very nice article you wrote there. I have a problem: I cannot access my sport torrent account any more. I surfing the net when I came accross your article on sport torrent. I found some site to check wheather the site is down or not and I found an these sites that the sport torrent site is down, but I could not find a reason anywhare if it is true. Do you maybe know what is the problem?

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