Once upon a time there were two private trackers named TVSource and DVDRSource. As you might have guessed from their names, these sites specialized in TV shows and DVD movies respectively. Both spawned after the shutdown of popular Swedish DVDR torrent tracker SweDVDR and were built on its source which was made public soon after the closure. However, these trackers did not have much success as independent entities (to read about these sites in detail, refer to the related links at the end of this post) so they merged together to give a better experience to their users. The end result was Excellent.Nu (aka XNT), a general, zero day private tracker based on SweDVDR source. Since then things have been going well for XNT – the site now has a strong torrent index with over 25000 uploads, records good pre times for most torrents and offers decent download speeds. If you are looking to be part of XNT, now would be a good time as the site has opened signups after being an invite only community for months.


Speaking of open signups, they are certainly a rarity at XNT. If memory serves correct, this is the first time the tracker is opening to the public since their last open registration, which was an exclusive invite giveaway for FILEnetworks blog readers back in April 2010. However, being invite only community for most of its lifetime does not seem to have affected XNT in a negative way – the site has decent activity on torrents and has over 12000 registered members as of 5/3/2011.

Excellent.Nu is primarily a scene tracker. According to official statistics, the site tracks over 28000 torrents which is an impressive amount by any standard. Although a merger between TVSource and DVDRSource, XNT does not limit itself to TV & DVD releases – the site tracks all sorts of content including movies, music, games, applications, books, etc. It has four different torrent index pages instead of one main page; Browse, Archive, MP3 and 0Day. The ‘Browse’ page lists about 3000 most recent torrents uploaded to the tracker. Archive section is for older releases – there are currently around 8400 torrents in this section. MP3 section has over 15000 torrents while 0Day section has ~750 recent scene zero day releases. But that’s not all – XNT indexes quite a lot of exclusive packs, some of which can be seen in the screenshot below:

Excellent.Nu Index

As mentioned earlier, signups for XNT are currently open. Doors were probably opened to welcome in old members of the now defunct SweBits torrent tracker. We do not know for how long the open signups will continue so get in while you can. XNT has tons of torrents, good pre times, a fast, streamlined user interface and good activity – it’s a decent general tracker.

Site Name: XNT (http://www.xnt.nu)

Signup URL: http://www.xnt.nu/signup.php

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    What about the Ratio?

  3. grapher // 6/04/2011 12:17:00 PM  

    XNT is offline
    Like all good things come to an end, XNT has reached the end of it's life. On the morning of the 24th of May 2011 the swedish police apprehended one of our staff members. The next day another one of our staff members was apprehended. All our computers have been siezed. Our web server has also been seized. Our two apprehended staff members are now subject of an investigation run by the swedish police.

    XNT will never come online again.

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