If you take a look at most of the file sharing news blogs these days, you might notice that they are full of stories about sites getting taken down, scene topsites being raided and domain names getting seized by authorities. Some of you might even think that this is the end of file sharing as we know it. However, this is clearly not the case – takedowns are just a part of the cycle and despite these, new BitTorrent trackers, direct download link forums and similar sites launch every day. Today’s post is about one such newly launched site which still hasn’t had much publicity – DirectDownload.TV. As the name suggests, it specializes in TV series direct downloads. DirectDownload.TV is similar to ev0.in, Dedicated-TV.Net and TV-Dump (see end of post for links to full reviews of these) both in terms of content as well as visual & usability features. DDTV, which has a simple, modern user interface, indexes download links to hundreds of television episodes and provides users with options such as search, RSS and E-mail updates on new episodes (follow favorite shows) and more.

Direct Download TV

DirectDownload.TV is a pretty new site which is only a couple of months old  so it’s natural that many of you haven’t heard about it yet. It appears to be a project by the crew behind ReleaseMix, a general release blog similar to RLSLOG. No official information is available on the number of releases indexed by DDTV but it’s been averaging around 100 new episodes per day during the past week or so. It is not known if they use an auto uploader bot to upload the releases to one click hosting sites – either way 100 daily uploads is an impressive amount for a specialized TV DDL blog.

One of the strongest features of DDTV is its user interface. The site features a modern, web 2.0 based user interface that has fast navigation and smoother transitions. It lets you easily search for a show based on either a search term or a category – if you click on the name of a TV series that appears on the index, DDTV will list out all of its related episodes along with their download links. Additionally, this site allows you to follow your favorite shows – you can get RSS and E-mail notifications (customizable) when new episodes are released for shows you have followed. To follow a show, simply click on the plus sign next to its name on the main index – note that this feature is available for registered users only.

DDTV Index

DDTV Downloads

At DirectDownload.TV, all indexed releases come with multiple direct download links. You don’t have to expand threads or open separate pages to see them – simply click on any one of the icons that appear next to a release name on the main index. When a release is broken into multiple files, that too is depicted clearly in the index. Files are usually uploaded to hosts such as FileServe, FileFactory, DuckLoad and FileSonic.

Registrations for DirectDownload.TV is currently open. While non members are able to see download links, advanced features such as favorites, custom RSS and E-mail updates, etc are only available for registered users. Registration is easy and involves no confirmation E-mail.

Site Name: DirectDownload.TV (http://directdownload.tv)

Signup URL: http://directdownload.tv/?signUp

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