There are only a handful private trackers on this planet that can boast about being online for 5 years – RevolutionTT is one of them. This BitTorrent tracker which first came online back in 2006 has grown into one of the best and one of the most sought after General/0Day trackers in existence today. Being online for 5 years is quite an achievement especially when it comes to a private tracker, as they have to go through numerous obstacles ranging from legal issues to gathering enough monthly donations to keep the servers running. Therefore, RevTT is celebrating its 5th birthday in grand style. One of the major highlights of this celebration is the new look and feel – Revo now has a modernized layout with a more polished interface. In addition, site staff have activated download freeze (an option similar to free leech) on all torrent packs and are giving away gigabytes of free upload credit to all members.


Quoted below is the official notification about 5th birthday celebrations:

Five years ago a mighty tracker was launched providing the building blocks for the great community we love and know today. Hundreds of sites tried to copy us and our success over the years, most died within months, some lasted a couple of years and some even ran away with their members generous donations.
We wanted to do something special on our fifth Birthday for the members who stuck by us through the years as well as those who are still joining this great community today. We have given the site a refreshing makeover for starters, for those who for whatever reason don't like the modern style you can select classic style in your profile settings page. In addition to the new look, from 12:00am on the 28th of March to 11:59pm the 4th of April 2011:
We will activate Download Freeze on all request torrents, all torrent packs and any torrent 10 GB or over in size. This means your download counter will not be updated for any of those torrents, your upload will still count. This gives everyone a good chance to get on torrents they may have been too afraid to touch and to build a good buffer at the same time too.
Also, a Birthday gift awaits you on your user page, you will see a button to activate a free upload credit. The longer you've been here the higher the credit will be. From 5 GB for the newest members up to 30 GB for the oldest members. Just click on your user-name and you'll see the button just under your join date in the page, it will say how many GB's you are due, then you just click it to activate your upload credit.
Double Up Donation credits will also remain active during the Birthday promotion week too.
Here's to the past five years  and here's to the next five  Happy Birthday to all the members of our community, we would like to thank you all for the support you have generously shown us throughout the years, from the staffing team at RevolutionTT.

Having featured RevTT open signups more than 5 times in the last couple of years, we know for a fact that a lot of our readers are already members of this tracker. If you are one of them and haven’t visited the site in a while, now would be a good time to do so. Download freeze is an excellent opportunity to build your ratio and everyone gets free upload credit as part of the celebrations. The amount of free gigs that can be claimed will vary depending on how long you were a member of the site. Newest users will get 5GB while oldest members will get the full 30GB (I was a member there for three years and I got 20GB).

If you are a new reader who still haven’t managed to sign up for RevTT, unfortunately the birthday celebrations so far do not mention of an open signup. If anything of the sort is announced, we will update the news on the blog.

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