Back when DivxStage launched in 2009, very few people would have thought the site would become as successful as it is today. Not only has it survived for more than two years in cyberspace with a top 15000 Alexa ranking, but in 2011 it’s known as one of the best destinations to watch or host streaming media online. At a glace, DxS might look like yet another video hosting service. However, that isn’t entirely true. Users are able to browse or search through the majority of files uploaded to the site, making it a great place to find and watch full movies, TV shows and other video content online. Video playback on DivXStage hosted media is powered by DivX Web Player, a HTML5 based online video player created by Sonic Solutions. Uploading and watching streaming video with basic privileges is free on DivXStage and a premium plan is available will added benefits.


DivXStage launched couple of years ago, advertising itself as a hosting provider for media files. And even today, most people know of for its hosting capabilities only. Perhaps the following in their FAQ may have helped create this mindset:

Can I search for files other people uploaded
Currently we do not allow such service because not everyone likes to share the files they upload. Our service aim is either to give you a way to share large files or to keep them as a private backup.

Despite the above statement in FAQ, DxS does allow users to search its database (at least a part of it). Open the ‘Directory’ tab and try searching for a movie that recently got leaked online. Chance are that you’ll get multiple results for the search, including scene releases as well as P2P encodes of the complete movie.

DivxStage Index

As we mentioned earlier, playback on DxS hosted videos is powered by DivX Web Player. It’s not the best online media player out there but a lot of DivX sites including StageVU and DxS use it (download the free version from here). You need a pretty fast internet connection to get the best out of streaming and if you run into issues such as never ending buffering, videos not being played back with black screen, etc, the troubleshooting articles located here and here might help.

Uploading and watching streaming video with basic privileges is free on DivXStage. However, they do have a premium plan which removes advertisements, enables high speed streaming and allows video downloading (there are several browser extensions making this already possible on the free plan).

Site Name: DivXStage (

Registration URL:

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