With the United States Department of Justice and U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcements (ICE) seizing domains of file sharing sites left and right, BitTorrent trackers now have a new reason to worry. Although only a short term win for anti pirates, a domain seizure can disrupt a site’s operations and cause confusion amongst its loyal user base – in short, it’s a nuisance that tracker staff would like to avoid if possible. In face of the recent domain seizures by ICE, we’ve seen a lot of BitTorrent trackers taking preventive measures that could minimize the damage if such an event should ever happen to them. Demonoid, one of the world’s largest semi-private torrent trackers, has already moved to a .me domain (.me is the top level domain for Montenegro) from .com, making things harder for the U.S government. Following the green demon’s footprints, TorrentLeech (TL), one of the larger private trackers around, has also launched two alternative domain as backups for its existing torrentleech.org domain.


With over 200000 registered members, TorrentLeech indeed does have reasons to worry. ICE seems to be targeting sites with a lot of traffic and when (or if) they begin hunting down private trackers, TL would no doubt become a high priory target for them. TL’s current address uses the .org generic top level domain which ICE apparantly can seize easily. The backup domains are torrentleech.cc and torrentleech.cd. .cc is the country specific top level domain for Cocos (Keeling) Islands while CD is the TLD for Democratic Republic of Congo. TL could very well survive using these backups in case their .org domain gets seized just like Rojadirecta did sometime back last month. As of 3/3/2011, TorrentLeech is accessible using all thee doamins listed below:

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