The rise of peer to peer file sharing mediums such as BitTorrent gave birth to a completely new community of online pirates – P2P release groups or the so called P2P scene. Unlike the warez scene which’s roots date back to the 1980s, P2P groups are more modern and distribute their material over file sharing sites such as torrent trackers. Nowadays most private torrent trackers have internal P2P release groups which bring exclusive uploads – some groups have even started their own trackers to serve their fans directly. While it’s not uncommon trackers to have movie and TV release groups, rarely do you see teams that upload exclusive video game content on torrent sites. PWNNetwork, the newly launched PC and console games torrent tracker (formerly known as nTorrents), has formed it’s own group of internal releasers who will bring exclusive gaming content to the site.

PWNNetwork logo

The new group is called PWNSupplier – it’s currently a very young team which is still developing and recruiting. Quoted below is the official announcement originally posted on PWNNetwork:

PWNSupplier As PWN continues to grow, we're looking for ways to advance in everything we do. We've got many great things planned, but one thing we're ready to announce is our new release group exclusive to PWN, PWNSupplier. They've already started releasing things on this site, and soon you will see much more from them. They are a small example of the bright future we have planned for this site, and we hope you all love their work as much as we do. PWNSupplier is a growing team however, and as such they could use more help. If you think you've got what it takes to help them bring us exclusive releases please send a PM to [USERNAME] or [USERNAME] with what kind of content you could bring, your sources and what your upload speed is. As always, thanks to our great users and we hope this will only help to make your expirience here at PWN Network even better. PWN Staff

So far, there aren’t many torrents uploaded by PWNSupplier. However, stay tuned to see some exclusive uploads on PWNNetwork in the near future. For those who haven’t heard about PWN, it is a Gazelle powered dedicated games tracker which indexes video games for PC, Mac, PS3, XBOX360, Wii and other platforms including currently discontinued, older consoles. As of 4/3/2011, the site tracked around 2500 active torrents and had a strong user base of 17000+ members (You can read a full review of this tracker and see screenshots through this link). In case you still aren’t a member, registrations are currently open with 3000 free slots remaining.

Site Name: PwnNetwork (

Signup URL:

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