Whenever a niche forum or a torrent site goes down, the loss is strongly felt by its users. For most niche sites, alternatives are hard to come by and most of the loyal members often rely on a single site to download their content. Users of the direct download link forum ForeignMoviesDDL felt no different when they saw their favorite site’s homepage replaced with an advertisement ridden, parked domain web page a couple of days ago. Many assumed the worst but good news is that ForeignMoviesDDL is not raided or shut down. The site apparently ran into some trouble while trying to renew their domain and this has resulted in them being moved to a new location. Despite this small hiccup, FMDDL still still very much online without any loss of data. If you are hearing about this forum for the first time, it’s a great site specializing in rare, non mainstream & foreign movies from across the world.


With over 15000 registered members and over 10000 indexed releases, FMDDL is one of the largest sites of its caliber. However, most people who stumble across its homepage do not even know what the site has in store for them. By default, FMDDL’s homepage looks like that of a regular release blogs’. There’s nothing much special there but its forums is where the actual magic lies. Once you register and log into the forums, you’d find that it’s a fully equipped discussion board with categorized threads offering direct download links to thousands of movies (DDL links are often files hosted on Hotfile, Rapidshare, etc – they all work great with JDownloader).

If you are wonderin what sort of content is indexed on FMDDL, the following description is quoted from our previous review of the site:

Speaking of the content indexed on FMDDL, it’s all movies. However, don’t expect to find the latest Hollywood blockbuster flicks here. Indexed films are categorized into 5 mains sections based on the region they originated from; North America, UK, Australia and New Zealand (English, non mainstream movies), South America & Africa, Europe & Russia Southern, Western & Central Asia and finally Eastern & Southeastern Asia . There is also an additional category titled ‘Silent Movies, Documentary & Others’ which is pretty much self explanatory. Each of these forum sections have a main index ‘stickied’, making it easier to find what you are looking for. An individual thread for a specific movie is usually pretty detailed with screen captures, plot summary and of course, download links.

The screenshot below highlights some of the downloads sections & movie collections on ForeignMoviesDDL:

Foreign Movies DDL Forum Index

Despite the domain change and brief downtime, registrations for FMDDL continue to remain open. If you are movie fan on the lookout for rare, non mainstream or non English movies from various regions across the world, this is a great site to have.

Site Name: Foreign Movies DDL (http://www.foreignmoviesddl.org/forum)

Registration URL: http://forum.foreignmoviesddl.org/ucp.php?mode=register

Release Blog URL: http://www.foreignmoviesddl.org/

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  1. Radu Oprea // 3/17/2011 07:52:00 PM  

    The registeration is not working, after i complet all the registeration form i get this message "'If confirmation code not displayed, refresh the page or try again registering".

    I have tried a few times but the answer is the same.

    WHat can i do?

  2. Secret // 3/20/2011 09:10:00 AM  

    hey guys i find this blog there is a good info about the secret trackers
    iTS URL and irc URL and screen shoots :)) Enjoy guys !

  3. Unknown // 12/15/2012 05:09:00 PM  
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