Scene DVDR Releasing Standards 2010 (TDRS2K10)

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For those interested in scene rules, here’s another update. Scene standards for untouched DVDRs releases have gone through a change (yet again) and updated ruleset has now been pre’d. If you download DVDRs from trackers such as Sparvar, onlyDVDs, TheDVDClub, SceneDVDR, DVDRSource etc, expect future releases on these sites to be based on updated standards (as they mostly pre scene content). This is the second update to DVDR standards in the last two months with TDRS2K9 being released last September. TDRS2K10 however was initially nuked and then un-nuked, in true scene style:

NUKE: crap_signing.grps.are.crap_for.small.changes.create.a.adendum

Either way the end result is that new rules are here to stay. There aren’t many changes but the full ruleset (new+old) is available on the NFO. These are categorized into several subsections; General, Video, Source, Authoring, Subtitles, Menus, Extras, DVD Limitations, Packaging, Samples and Directory Naming. Enough descriptiosn, read it for yourself :p

[Click Here] to read THE.2010.DVDR.RELEASING.STANDARDS-TDRS2K10 on PasteBin

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