Lately there’s been a lot of talk about Pirate Bay shutting down its BitTorrent trackers. Although TPB’s tracker played a huge role, BitTorrent was/has always been bigger than TPB (with private sites, standalone trackers, small indexers, etc ). Today’s post is about PirateDay, a lesser known private BitTorrent tracker from Hungary. Although the name sounds familiar, PirateDay is not a ripoff of TPB. It’s a General/0Day tracker that indexes both Hungarian and English releases. It’s a decent tracker in its own right but at the same time it reminds us of something else; shutting down a single tracker won’t end torrenting.

The PirateDay

We’ve heard about sites based on countries such as Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria get raided by the police. However, a large number of private trackers are still hosted in these regions. For example, PirateDay is based in Hungary, same country that’s home to great sites like NCore, Pretorians, Carpathians, Bitmusic, DarkSide (now defunct) and so on. I’m sure not many (me included) in English speaking countries have heard a lot about PirateDay but it’s a actually a large private tracker. PirateDay currently tracks close to 14500 torrents and has an active registered user base in excess of 28000 members.

As we mentioned earlier it’s a General/0Day tracker. This site however tracks a lot of releases by Hungarian p2p groups. There are English releases but most of the movies and such are either HUN or HUNDUB releases (meaning the language is Hungarian).

PirateDay Index

Pirateday is a General tracker that could come in handy for anyone. It has tons of torrents and thanks to the large user base most of these are active. It’ll mostly be useful for those interested in obtaining Hungarian releases. For those looking mostly for English scene releases, there are better trackers listed in our General.0Day section.

Right now there are some interesting upload multipliers applied to some of the indexed torrents. 

  • 2 week old torrents – 2X upload
  • 1 month old torrents – 3X upload
  • 2 months old torrents – 4x upload

Signups for Pirateday tooare currently open – site will remain in open reg mode till the 30th of this month.

Site Name: PirateDay (

Signup URL:


  1. Unknown // 11/19/2009 11:37:00 PM  

    nice tracker

  2. balfasz // 11/20/2009 01:12:00 AM  

    I have been a member for a year now.
    The tracker has no ratio fixing or donation system at all, so definitely not one of those rip off trackers that are so common at least in Hungary.
    Pros: nice pretimes, well seeded torrents
    Cons: imho the community is not so active, as they should be...