Few months ago we ran an article on HDTor, a private BitTorrent site with Turkish and English High Definition movies and TV series. With over 12000 members, it was/is a pretty decent HD tracker. Anyways this is not another HDTor review - The crew behind HDT have launched a new private tracker known has HDTShare or HD-Universe. This new site too specializes in HD content and both movies and television series in high def formats will be available on HD-Universe. As existing members of HDTor may have noticed, there were quite a few non English (Turkish) releases indexed there. HD-Universe will instead focus more on English releases and will try to recruit more English speaking members, departing from it’s Turkish roots.

HD Universe

HD Universe is quite new and right now there is nothing much to speak of in terms of statistics. At time of this post, there were only around 40 torrents and ~900 members. However expect these numbers to rise rapidly – HD Universe will be further boosted by HDTor’s existing user base and torrent index by the time transition is complete. Note that in some cases, you won’t automatically gain access to HD-Universe even if you were a member of HDTor. You’ll have to sign up and create a new account in order to use the site. If you use the same username as in HDTor and inform the admins, you might even get to keep your old ratio stats.

Another significant change between HDTor and HD-Universe is the codebase. HDTor used to run on TS Special Edition while HD Universe runs on a modified version of TBDEV.

HD Universe torrents

Quoted below is a recent mass E-mail sent to existing members of HDTor:

Dear HDTor.com Members,
As you all know in order to be a worldwide known hd tracker we decided to move on under a new name and script.Main reasons for this decision are we attract foreign users nomore and more expenses than income etc.
We HDTor.com staff team,are not going to let you down,If you sign in to our new site with your current user ID in HDTor.com and inform staff team about it your ratio, upload and download rate will be given as it is.For VIP members, their VIP memberships will start over again.
Warning:those who make a haul using others\' user names will be suspended from both sites.

It’s too early to tell whether HD Universe will go on to become a great HD tracker. However its admins and staff are not noobs when it comes to running torrent sites, as they have demonstrated with HDTor. All we can say is that it would be an interesting tracker to watch. Registrations for HD Universe are currently open and interested readers may join for free.

Site Name: HD Universe (http://www.hdtshare.com)

Signup URL: http://www.hdtshare.com/signup.php


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    heads up - TV changed to gazelle code

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    Indeed. Article coming up.