Dragon Age : Origins DLC Leaks on Torrent Trackers

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There are games and then there are masterpieces. Dragon Age : Origins is definitely a masterpiece. Once again BioWare has delivered an amazing gaming experience at a time when high quality games are a rarity. No matter how good a game is, there will always be those who pirate it. DA : Origins is one of those games that deserves to be bought but of course, it leaked online a day before release (but generally, I’ve seen lots of folks talking of buying the game even on hard core pirate forums which is a good thing). However, those who choose to pirate it will be missing out on a lot of downloadable content (DLC). This game has tons of extra content in the form of new unique items, quests, party members, new abilities and so on.

Dragon Age Origins Cover

But did you ever think pirates will stop at releasing just the game? Some of the DLCs for DA : Origins have already made it to BitTorrent trackers and one click hosting sites. Here is a list of addons for the game that have already leaked, in one form or the other:

  • The Stone Prisoner*
  • Warden's Keep*
  • Blood Dragon Armor
  • Memory Band*
  • Feral Wolf Charm*
  • Guildmaster's Belt*
  • Band of Fire*
  • Dalish Promise Ring*
  • Collector's Edition (Adds 3 items: Bergen's Honor, Grimoire of the Frozen Wastes, Final Reason)*
  • The Edge
  • Embri's Many Pockets
  • Helm of the Deep
  • The Lucky Stone
  • The Lion's Paw
  • Mark of Vigilance
  • Amulet of the War Mage
  • The Wicked Oath

*Needs to be authorized online

Now the bad news for those running illegitimate copies is that some of these DLCs require authentication from BioWare’s servers. For example, the better addons from the above list such as Warden’s Keep and Stone Prisoner all need to be authorized. Well I’ve seen folks fiddling around with various workarounds to get them working but honestly, buying the game would be a lot more easier. Most DLCs (except some promotional content that come bundled with certain offers) are free and easily activated for those who legally bought the game.

Note: Do not ask for download/torrent links for DA : Origins or any of its DLC. This post is for informational purposes only.