Yeah the title is a little confusing – read the article and you’ll decode it :p Lots of stuff’s been happening around the untouched DVDR torrent tracker DVDRSource. First, the site suddenly went offline somewhere around the 29th of September. Tracker and torrent index were unreachable and their domain began redirecting to a blog. Reason for this (as explained by the admins) was non payment of server bills. The site is now back up, with torrents and user databases in tact. In addition, the tracker has opened registrations, enabled sitewide free leech and double upload. While all of this was happening, the scene attacked DVDRSource’s Sysops by pre’ing a SceneNotice which appeared to contain their personal info.


The SceneNotice which was apparently pre’d by WEDiDiTAGAiN (not  a real group) contained names, addresses, zip codes and other info about two of DVDRSource’s sysops (we don’t know if these claims are real or not). It also carried the threat “We all want you down.. hopefully you think twice before you decide to stay”. However DVDRSource doesn’t seem to care. The site is back online in grand style – with open signups, double upload and free leech.

As you might have read in our previous articles, DVDRSource is an untouched DVDR tracker based on SweDVDR’s source. It was one of the very first SweDVDR replacements to surface after the veteran site shut down. DVDSource itself hasn’t done bad at all. It currently tracks over 1500 torrents and has around 9800 registered users.

DVDRSource screenshot

Lots of DVD5 and DVD9 movie and TV releases can be found on this tracker. Unlike rips, these come complete with original menus, languages, subtitles, bonus DVD features and soundtracks. Note that DVDRSource is a Swedish tracker; it’s interface language is Swedish and lots of indexed DVDRs are those released in the Nordic region. This doesn’t mean this is a useless tracker for English speaking users – most indexed DVDRs have English audio with optional Swedish subtitles (NORDiC/SWESUB tags usually does not mean they are dubbed).

Signups are currently open – however you need to use the special happysignup link (see below) to register..


Signup URL:

As for the interface, clicking on ‘Nytt’ will take you to the new torrents page. ‘Arkiv’ lists older releases. Rest is self explanatory.


  1. Unknown // 11/09/2009 05:51:00 AM  


    If anyone can't work it out on the signup form, it's:


    Sex: (male) (female) (unspecified)


    Email address:


    Repeat password:

    Then you'll be automatically signed in.

    So far from what I've seen some pretty good new movies so far, hopefully it'll grow more with this signup.