Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Age : Origins. It’s well crafted world, deep RPG elements and challenging combat made the game quite addictive for me (and for a lot of others as well, judging by user response on gaming forums). Anyways this article is not about DLC or other updates for Dragon Age. It’s about mods – one of the best things that could happen to a PC game once it’s released to the masses. Thankfully an active modding community has already been formed around Dragon Age. During this very short time since the game’s release, some cool mods such as HD Textures pack as well as ‘camp storage chest’ have surfaced.

So if you wanted to download a mod, where would you go? Here are two great sites that I’ve found to host a lot of DA : Origins content. Since both these require free registration, reg URL has also been included.

Site Name: FilePlanet Dragon Age Mods Section
Description: DA : Origins mods section of popular FilePlanet gaming portal. Hosts a ton of mods related to 11 different categories.
Registration URL:

Dragon Age Nexus 
Site Name: Dragon Age Nexus (
Description: Another community that has a good number of mods. Two notable ones indexed here are HD and HDR texture packs. Go to the ‘Files’ section on right panel and hit browse by categories to view mods.
Registration URL:

Above sites feature a lot of modifications for DA : Origins ranging from nude skin patches to new faces for your characters. Note that not all of them may work perfectly so use these at your own risk. Two of my favorite mods are the ‘Storage Chest’ (spawns a storage chest at party campsite so that you can store extra items) and the HD textures pack (replaces in game textures with sharper, higher quality images).

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