As you may know we’ve been offering direct download links to standalone/offline installers for various pieces of software for quite some time. Now here’s great news for users of Yahoo! Messenger. After being in beta for couple of months, Yahoo! has released the first final build of Yahoo! Messenger 10 (build to the masses. New version comes with support for high quality video calls, new languages, new ways to arrange your contacts and a new  ‘updates’ tab. To put it short if you are using Yahoo! Messenger, v10 is a must have upgrade.

Yahoo Messenger 10 Final

Build was just released to the public a few hours ago and Yahoo!’s official download page has now updated with links to the latest version. However, the download they provide is the web setup – a small setup program weighing few kbs is downloaded to your computer and it is then used to download rest of the files over the web. For those who hate web setups (like us), link to the offline/standalone installer is provided below. Download it, save it and run it wherever, whenever you like – without having to re-download everytime :p


[Click Here] to download Yahoo! Messenger standalone installer from official server

Note: This software has just been released. There may be slowdowns in download speeds due to the high number of requests.

Note: The standalone setup contains Yahoo! Toolbar and Yahoo! Browser Extensions. These are non essential components that will clutter your system (unless you really use them) so make sure to deselect them during installation.


  1. D I L R U K // 4/12/2010 11:42:00 PM  

    This is the latest:

  2. Anonymous // 1/25/2011 09:46:00 PM  

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