Scene DVDR Releasing Standards 2009 (TDRS2K9)

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We’ve been posting regular updates on official scene standards and here’s another article on the vary same topic. Scene standards for untouched DVD-R releases have changed and revised rules were made public via a SceneNotice on the 2nd of September 2009. At a glance, it doesn’t seem that many drastic changes were introduced but then again I could be wrong since my knowledge on the previous rule set is very limited. Release size, one of the factors many would consider to be important, remains at 4.30-4.37 GB per release (for non DVD5 sources).

A detailed version of rules categorized by audio/video encoding, source, authoring, subtitles, menus, extras, DVD protections and limitations, packaging, samples, re-encoding, etc can be found in the full NFO release titled THE.2009.DVDR.RELEASING.STANDARDS-TDRS2K9. You can download or read the full NFO file using the links below.

[Click Here] to download the NFO from MegaShare

[Click Here] to read it online on PasteBin

Want to view .NFO files with ease along with maximum readability? Download and install DAMN NFO Viewer.

Most of our readers probably wouldn’t care about scene standards but if you are downloading scene released DVDR torrents from trackers such as SceneDVDR, TDC, DVDRSource, CareStreet, etc, be aware that what you download from now on will be based on these revised regulations.

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