I'm just wondering why we didn’t post about this site earlier. My-Anonamouse is probably one of the most underrated private trackers ever. Many people brand this as an E-learning tracker but IMHO it’s much more than that. Actually I don’t know of a category to place it on as My Anonamouse caters to several different types of content. If you are a book lover, you’ll find a lot of E-books and audiobooks on this site (both fiction and non fiction). If you are a musician, you’ll find a lot of music tutorials, sheet music and so on. And if you are a fan of comics or graphic novels, you’ll find those here as well.

My Anonamouse Logo

With over 18000 registered users, My Anonamouse is a pretty large niche tracker (is as big as BitMe or BitSpyder in terms of user base). The torrent index is not so small either – there are over 14000 uploaded torrents. There seems to be a lot of focus on community which is composed of friendly members and staff. I think it would be correct to say that My Anonamouse is a family friendly site. Based on TBDev tracker script, this tracker has a very simple look and feel. You won’t find the features of Gazelle here but all the essential functions (including a bonus system) are there.

Content is where My Anonamouse really excels at. As we said before the site indexes a wide range of torrents ranging from electronic books to concert DVDs. Following explanation about available torrent categories is quoted from the invite application:

If you are a musician, you will find: Lick libraries, sheet music, instructional media as well as Concert DVDs.
For book lovers, we have an amazing selection of both audio and ebooks, ranging from current 'blockbuster' releases to those rare gems.
Our recently added Comic/Graphic Novel section is growing daily.

And if the above didn’t give you a pretty clear idea, have a look at some of the category icons available (and be awed):

My Anonamouse

Like most private communities, My Anonamouse is currently invite only. However, obtaining an invite is pretty easy as they have an online invite application. It doesn't have high entry requirements and almost all the questions are about site rules (you need to read rules and FAQ to get in – these pages are visible to non members). Once you are comfortable with the questions, you need to log into their main IRC channel and say the magic word (read invite application). Staff are friendly and most of you shouldn’t have any problems getting in.

Site Name: My Anonamouse (http://www.myanonamouse.net)

Invite Application URL: http://www.myanonamouse.net/inviteapp.php

Link to Rules Page: http://www.myanonamouse.net/rules.php

Link to FAQ Page: http://www.myanonamouse.net/faq.php

Direct Link to Main IRC Channel: (Read invite application first and then login)

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  1. Stephanie // 9/15/2009 03:48:00 AM  

    I love myanonymouse!!

  2. Unknown // 9/15/2009 04:10:00 AM  

    "I love myanonymouse!!"

    LOL....I'm sure it feels the same about you ;)

  3. Anonymous // 9/15/2009 09:44:00 AM  

    myanonymouse is a an awesome tracker...everyone is very kind, and more than willing to help. Very good community of people...

  4. Antz // 9/15/2009 02:49:00 PM  
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  5. Antz // 9/15/2009 02:52:00 PM  

    Heads up Halo.3.ODST is here

  6. maria // 9/15/2009 07:44:00 PM  
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  7. Devon // 9/17/2009 09:38:00 PM  

    I'm a staff member over at MyAnonaMouse.net. Trust me, we're all very friendly and ready to get to know you! :) I've already invited quite a few members that have come from this blog, and I'm looking forward to getting some more. :)

    Our IRC and forum community is great and active. Our torrents are amazing, you'll find just about anything you're looking for (within our categories, of course!).

    I look forward to meeting more of you guys and wish you the best.

  8. Unknown // 9/17/2009 11:37:00 PM  

    Thanks a lot Nick....I really love the community there. Keep up ;)

  9. Heather // 9/18/2009 12:27:00 AM  

    Just got my invite. What a NICE system. And NICE People. I'm gonna love this site I"m sure.

  10. Unknown // 10/22/2009 06:22:00 PM  

    Great site.. Gotta love it...
    Audible Coupons

  11. Brunner25 // 2/08/2010 08:26:00 AM  

    I love MyAnonaMouse It's an awesome site, but for the last week I've not been able to login for some reason. I've been a member for a long time. I was hoping to PM Nick, but alas I cannot.

    OH Well, if I can ever get back on there I'll edit this post. But I've gotta say MyAnonaMouse is a great site, great staff, and great friends on there.

  12. DIVA DEE // 2/08/2010 01:18:00 PM  

    Myanonamouse is a really great site, but I've not been able to log on to their website for the past couple of day.. here is the error message that I'm getting -- [1045] dbconn: mysql_connect: Access denied for user 'myanonamouse_adm'@'localhost' (using password: YES)Anyone else facing the same problem?

    Anyone who can help?


  13. whitneez // 2/10/2010 08:42:00 AM  

    I Love My Anonamouse too and I have been a member for a long time. I too have been getting an error message when I try to visit the site. I hope someone can help. Thanks!

  14. Unknown // 2/10/2010 11:32:00 AM  

    For My Anonamouse use this to login

  15. DIVA DEE // 2/10/2010 12:27:00 PM  

    Thanks..it worked

  16. Unknown // 2/13/2010 09:15:00 PM  

    It should be noted that MakeGreatMusic (MGM) closed it's doors 30 September 2009.

  17. maria // 5/07/2011 04:02:00 PM  
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  18. maria // 5/07/2011 04:03:00 PM  
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  19. dueepjs // 5/10/2015 02:04:00 PM  
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  20. dueepjs // 5/10/2015 02:08:00 PM  

    I just got an invite yesterday and may I say I was so pleased with the overall atmosphere that the moment I can spare some time_talk about the Mouse Race, grin-, I am going to go haywire uploading my treasures on it. I really didn't know that there were such friendly sites online!
    However not being a total Technogeek, I had to restrain a couple of "oh my, how on earth am I going to understand all that stuff like seeding, leeching, DHT" and so on.It'll take me a while to get that particular learning curve straightened out, but we Shall Persevere, grin!
    But everyone is so helpful, as I said before, and I am glad I found this absolutely wonderful site with treasures I cannot find on KAT.
    So if you get an invite, hold on to it, lads and lasses!

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  22. dueepjs // 10/24/2015 07:45:00 PM  
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  23. dueepjs // 10/24/2015 07:48:00 PM  

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