Here is some important news for gamers (or for anyone who’s using software that makes use of Microsoft’s DirectX API) – the latest monthly DX runtime is here and it’s strongly recommended that you update to this version ASAP. DirectX 9 August 2009 runtime (v9.27.1734) is the first monthly update after March 2009 edition which was released about 6 months ago. This will of course be a must have update for Windows XP users as the operating system does not support DX10 and all games will run on DX9 mode by default.

Although many people are unaware, the all too common missing dll errors when trying to launch new games (ex- missing d3dx9d.dll , d3dx9_25.dll, missing d3dx9_27.dll, etc) are mostly caused by an outdated DirectX version. Installing the latest DX runtime update should easily rectify such problems as well.


As mentioned in the title, this post features the full standalone, redistributable version of DX9 August 2009 runtime – this is not a web setup. You can download the file directly from Microsoft’s official servers.

[Click Here] to download DirectX 9 v9.27.1734 Runtime


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