Many would agree with us when we say Torrent Damage is one of the best General/0Day trackers around. A content rich torrent index, good download speeds, user friendly interface, friendly staff and a good community – it has everything you’d expect from a good private torrent tracker. If you are a member of this site, there’s even more good news – This weekend (starting 18th) is TD’s ratio building weekend. It’s the perfect opportunity to fix your stats as all members will enjoy ratio bonuses of up to 300%. And if you are thinking of joining this tracker, there are invites available on TD’s IRC. With ratio building weekend in progress, now would be a great time to join TD.

Torrent Damage

So what’s so special about the next two days? The following paragraph (quoted from Torrent Damage forum) should give you a pretty good idea:

From Fridee th' 18th Septembree at 22:00 UTC or thar abouts we be doin' a ratio buildin' until Sundee th' 20th Septembree at 23:59 UTC
GADZOOKS!! 300%!!
Th' way this works be, whatereyou download, only counts 50% towards yer download statistics, an' whatereyou upload counts 150% towards yer upload statistics. This gives ye an effective 300% ratio boost!
Example: Ye really download 100,000,000 bytes an' upload 100,000,000 bytes. Torrent-Damage will record a download o' 50,000,000 bytes an' record an upload o' 150,000,000 bytes, givin' ye an effective 3:1 ratio instead o' a 1:1
Also, this ratio buildin' be nay limited t' stuff which be uploaded durin' this time - 'tis everythin' on th' site!

If you can’t decode the ‘pirate speak’ above, it basically says the tracker will record 1.5 times the actual amount you upload and will only record half the size of your downloads, giving your global ratio a massive boost.

It’s not only the ratio building weekend that’s so special about this tracker. As we mentioned earlier, TD is a great general tracker in its own right. It’s a veteran BitTorrent site that’s been around for ages and more importantly, it has improved over time. For example, Torrent Damage launched TDv2 last January – the site now runs on a fast, heavily modified Gazelle codebase. It is also one of the larger general private trackers out there, with over 40000 members and over 28000 active torrents.

Torrent Damage Screenshot

I’ve seen TD invites being requested on various BitTorrent forums but many don’t know that TD has an invites IRC channel. We talked about it several months back and if you still haven’t got in, information below might come in handy:

How to Join the Torrent-Damage invites IRC channel

Note that the invites channel is only accessible via the web based IRC client Mibbit (mIRC does not work unless you are TD staff or uploader).

Easiest way log into this channel is by clicking on this direct link.

If you are having problems with the above, follow the directions below:
Go to and enter the following details there:
Server: (click on the ‘server’ link to enter server name)
Channel : #td-invite
Nick: A nickname of your choice 

Once you are in the channel, you will be greeted by TD’s IRC bot. Do exactly as it says – don’t say things like ‘please give me an invite’ since it’s only a coded script and won’t understand you anyways (and that would be embarrassing). You will be prompted to provide 1 speedtest and 1 ratio proof (screenshots you provide must be unmodified and un-cropped). Once you submit these (as per instructions by bot), wait patiently for staff to approve them and invite you to TD.

Site Name: Torrent Damage (


  1. Laennec // 9/21/2009 01:08:00 PM  

    hi, thanks for the article
    i tried to join the IRC invite channel but i got this message:
    You are banned from the channel #td-invite

    i don't know why though, cause i nver joined this tracker neither its IRC??

    do this trcker ban countries too?

    thanks you so much for ur answer

  2. casinoxo // 5/26/2020 04:53:00 PM  

    live22 ได้เงินจริงไม่มีสะดุดฃ