Almost all of us use an Anti Virus software. Nowadays the installation of an AV is not a complex task and most of the time can be done in a jiffy. But how can we know if the installation in working properly?

Eicar Anti Malware test file is specially designed for this purpose. First of all, it is not a piece of malware nor is it harmful. It is merely a string of characters which matches to a virus signature in most AV software's database. If your anti virus software detects the file as a virus, then it is functioning correctly. If it does not, it is time to reinstall or repair the current security product or to get a new AV.

Download Links - HTTP

Download Links - SSL

A good AV software (with maximum security features turned on) should detect the file in all instances while one with poor detection capabilities will make less number of detections.

This is how our AV software made the detection for one of the links:


As we said before, the file is harmless.

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