Show Your Ideas While You Are Talking!.Create and control a virtual cast of live talking characters ready to deliver an animated vocal performance for your video, web, mobile or messaging projects. Just a single photograph, recorded or imported audio, combined with transitional effects, animated illustrations and expressive emoticons, and CrazyTalk's powerful facial morphing animation technology is all you need to begin creating speaking actors, virtual guides, and digital hosts adding perfect personalities to any multimedia experience.



Fitting Wizard for Photo Animation

  • Create 3D talking characters from photos, images or illustrations.
  • Custom photo background and SFX with mask editors.
  • Apply emotive facial expressions during talking animation.


Lip-sync for Talking Characters

  • Animate characters with voice, recorded audio, or text.
  • Automatic lip-sync animation from audio and typed text.
  • Instant expressions and animated SFX from library.


Real-time Puppetry for Facial Animation

  • Use mouse or handheld devices to puppet your character.
  • Puppet character's behavior in real-time as playing the audio.
  • Facial control panel for precise puppet performance.

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