which is considered to be one of the elite bittorrent trackers, has opened signups. The surprise move comes after the site seemingly deleted all torrents and all user accounts from the database (or their DB crashed and they started from scratch). Either way, they are currently accepting new signups.

As of time of post, there are no torrents in the database. However the registered user count has shot up from 0 to 3800+ in a short while. Get yourselves an account; this is an elite tracker! (if it returns to its former glory that is).

Site Name: CZONE Tracker

Signup URL:

Description: Romania based tracker with general content. Although site language is Romanian, 99% of the content is English.

Update: (Quoted from their forums)

"there were added functional elements for automatic checking of hit and run, downloading without pass key and fake ratio.this is why we had to dump the old data base.
there is free signup up to 30 000 users. everybody that gets promoted to power user in this period (up to 30 000 users) gets 2 invites and who is promoted to elite member gets 5 invites."