CZONE back up, still open

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 3/28/2008 | 8 Comments »

CZONE, after suffering from downtime and database deletion yesterday, have now restored services of both the site and the tracker. They seem to be in the process of re uploading all torrents previously in the database.

Better yet, signups are still open; there are currently 18000+ members and according to site admins around 11000 more open registrations will be accepted before signup closure. You may want to hurry if you want an account.


A notice on site's front page now reads:
"Dear Friends,
Because of some electricity problems, independent from us, in the last days we had some technical difficulties as you all have seen.
The good news is that we took advantage of this and we added up some special features to the tracker that will optimize the activity of  all the users, like automatic verification for hit and runners, no passkey downloads and fake ratio.All of the above had determined us to give up on the old database and thus meaning that you have to re-register your accounts.You can register new accounts for free, without the necessity of an invite until we reach 30.000 users.
We'll even initiate a contest to repay you: all users that will be promoted to "Power User" will get 2 invites and "C-ZONE Elite Member" will get 5 invites.The promotion is available until we reach 30.000 users."

The site is in Romanian but most of torrents are English. CZONE was (and still is, judging by the rate of new registrations) a well sought after private tracker in the bittorrent community.


  1. MMCP // 3/28/2008 02:54:00 PM  

    they only have limited number of torrents.

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 3/28/2008 03:28:00 PM  
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  3. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 3/28/2008 03:31:00 PM  

    They suffered from a database crash and are in the process of recovering. Before the crash the site was one of the best private trackers in the same league as TorrentLeech and SceneTorrents. Just give it some time till they re upload the content.

  4. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 3/29/2008 04:45:00 PM  

    czone got 30k users in 1 day. Signups are now closed.

  5. MMCP // 3/31/2008 12:39:00 PM  

    Hi LST
    Is CZONE site is down ?
    site is not loading

    connection time out

    yersterday it works fine

  6. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 3/31/2008 01:51:00 PM  

    mmcp yes site is down atm. Has been down for around 10 hrs.

  7. MMCP // 3/31/2008 04:41:00 PM  


    do u know any sites like this that we can check whether sites are up or down ?

  8. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 3/31/2008 05:43:00 PM  


    You may find several methods in this article: