Slysoft cracks Blu-Ray copy protection

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 3/20/2008 | 0 Comments »

Antigua based software developer SlySoft claims to have cracked the copy protection scheme used by Sony's Blu-Ray discs (BD+). The latest version of SlySoft AnyDVD HD now has the capability to copy and backup copy protected High Definition (HD) movies stored in Blu-Ray or HD-DVD discs.


Unlike in the case with HD-DVD, Slysoft will not find cracking BD+ to be a one time solution. This is due to the fact that BD+ supports security updates. That means, newer disks will have updated protection against the cracks. But as always, it is safe to assume that updates releases too will be cracked in due time (WGA anyone?), as has happened with almost every copy protection scheme in the world.

Here is what Giancarlo Bettini, SlySoft CEO had to say about his company's breakthrough:

"We are convinced that today's release will give the high-density market new impulse. It remains unclear just what direction this will take. On the one hand, it can give Blu-ray a boost because the end-user has the certainty in knowing now that a backup security copy can also be made from Blu-ray disks protected by BD+. On the other hand, one or more film studios may want to reconsider their withdrawal from HD DVD and Toshiba could also grant the high-density DVD a reprieve. HD DVD certainly deserves a second chance, particularly since HD DVD hardware has obtained a higher market share within the last months than its BD counterpart from SONY. In any event, I wish all those involved a happy Easter from the bottom of my heart."

Entire press release can be found here.