is a private torrent tracker specializing in PC/Mac applications, web templates and tutorials. Being a private tracker, new registrations are usually accepted on an invite only basis. But they have currently opened new signups and anyone who is interested can join without an invite code. At the time of post (10.19PM Sri Lankan Time (+5.30GMT) - 20/3/2008), site reads that there are only 8 more hours to go until signups are closed.


Site Name: AppzUniverse

Signup URL:


  • 3D / Graphics
  • 3D / Graphics Training
  • Appz Dev Tools
  • Appz Dev Training
  • Appz Training
  • Certification Courses
  • Ebooks / Mags
  • Hybrid Appz
  • Mac Apps
  • Mac Updates
  • Misc / Other
  • Mobility Appz
  • Other Op Sys Appz
  • PC Apps
  • PC Updates
  • Photo / Video Appz
  • Photo / Video Training
  • Web Dev Training
  • Web Templates/Addons

You get 5GB free upload credit upon signup.