Popular private bit torrent tracker TorrentBits is now (as of 1.55AM Sri Lankan Time, 14/1/2008) open for public Signups. Go and grab your account now!

Signup URL: http://www.torrentbits.ro/signup.php

About TorrentBits

TorrentBits (commonly referred to as Tbits) is a great Romania based private tracker with a wide selection of content ranging from TV Shows to Appz. The site gets most scene releases only a short while after they are pre'd.

About private trackers:

Private torrent trackers are smaller communities which cater a limited number of users. In contrast to large public trackers such as "The Pirate Bay" and "TorrentBox", private trackers provide faster download speeds and less number of fake torrents. However joining a private tracker often requires invitation from an existing member. If you do not have an invite, you can join through normal registration when the private tracker 'opens' its registration.