Scan To PDF v3.2.0.6

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Scan To PDF is a simple and efficient method of converting your paper based documents into PDFs.
Just insert the pages into your scanner, press the scanning button and the paper document will be converted into a PDF file. Scan To PDF can also create a PDF from a folder of image files.
The current price of ScanToPDF is $39.95 for home users or $89.00 for commercial users.
If your application requires additional functionality then review the ScanToPDF plugin options which offer barcode recognition, OCR, document indexing, batch separation, database updates and many more options.  


  • Used daily by thousands of users
  • Create PDF files from scanned images
  • Create PDF files from images imported from file
  • Thumbnail display for better visualisation
  • Insert pages into or append to any existing PDF
  • Costs less than Adobe® Acrobat®
  • OCR and create searchable PDF option
  • Barcode Recognition Option
  • Batch scanning option - one PDF per page.
  • Batch scanning option - multiple PDFs from one scan batch.
  • Appliction integration options
  • Scan To EMail with PDF attachment
  • Administrative control over PDF file path
  • Support for full PDF document description
  • Page re-ordering using drag & drop
  • Support for Adobe® security (password) settings
  • Support for Adobe® viewer pre-definition settings
  • Indexing for Adobe® Catalog
  • Auto-Generate filename - increment, barcode, datestamp, entered data.
  • Customised options available on request

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