Signups are now open for Revolution Torrent Tracker (also known as RevolutionTT or RevTT). We do not know for how long they will remain open so go grab an account ASAP.

Merely typing in your browser and looking for a signup link on the page that loads will not help (there will be no signup link visible).

Instead use the direct signup link given below:

Signups open as of 10.54PM Sri Lankan time (11/1/2008)

Good Luck!

About RevTT:

RevTT is considered as an "Elite" private tracker in the Bittorrent community. The site gets 0day scene releases pretty quickly and is considered extremely hard to get into.

About private trackers:

Private torrent trackers are smaller communities which cater a limited number of users. In contrast to large public trackers such as "The Pirate Bay" and "TorrentBox", private trackers provide faster download speeds and less number of fake torrents. However joining a private tracker often requires invitation from an existing member. If you do not have an invite, you can join through normal registration when the private tracker 'opens' its registration.


  1. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 1/11/2008 11:07:00 PM  

    Bitsoup is also open folks just got this PM:

    "Tonight at Midnight, by site time, we will once again open
    the Bitsoup doors and allow new members to join us.

    Availability will be limited.

    Only 5000 new members will be allowed to sign up.

    2008-01-11 07:50:16"